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Why Leftover Diamonds?

Why should you buy from us over the competition.

I'm going to tell you about us as a family.  Leftover Diamonds is a family owned company that have been in business for over 12 years in the online jewelry trade.  But that's not where it ends.  The owner of the company comes from an impressive jewelry pedigree.  MJ Christensen Diamond Centers started in Las Vegas 80 years ago, and has continued to have a thriving and responsible chain.  As the great-grand son of M.J. Christensen, I get the benefit of decades of jewelry knowledge and industry experience.  We know the Kimberly Process and have intimate knowledge of the civil unrest in Africa.  We know about the sanctions the U.N. has put in place and nuances of The Patriot Act; which is why we can say, without any doubt, that our jewelry and gemstones are not only the highest quality and most durable diamond simulants in existence, but they are also the most responsible. 

Buy your jewelry from someone who knows.  Buy from Leftover Diamonds.


I received my ring this week and it is beautiful!! The first ring that I ordered was too large and heavy for my hand. Your customer service reps were very helpful to offer suggestions for another ring to fit my hand better.

Thanks for all of the great service. I will definitely be coming back to your site for other purchases.


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Ring Buying Guide