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Ring Buying Guide

3 easy steps to choosing the perfect engagement ring

Deciding to get engaged can be a nerve racking experience no matter how wonderful the relationship.  Adding the stress of finding the perfect ring can make a scary (albeit exciting) transition even more daunting.  But never fear, we're here to save the day.  In this guide, you'll find the best ways to learn her style, find her ring size, and choose the perfect center stone.



Pinpointing her exact style can be easier than you think.  Pay attention to the other jewelry she wears.  Is it dainty and delicate like our Marianne Ultra Petite Halo, or bold and chunky? Does she like a lot of stones on her every day jewelry, or does she prefer it to be simple with more metal than bling, like our Rebecca Solitaire? What color metal does she tend to wear most often? Unless she doesn't have a preference, she's most likely stick to white metals like silver and white gold, or she will exclusively wear yellow gold or rose gold.

If you're still a little unsure about the exact engagement ring to get, don't be afraid to turn to the BFFs.  No one knows a girl's style preferences like her crew.  Chances are they've all discussed their dream engagement rings with each other multiple times, and they'll know exactly what she wants her future fiance to present to her on that magical day.  But don't forget to swear them to secrecy if you're keeping the proposal a surprise!

Center Stone:

If you already know your lady love wants a 1.5 carat Asscher cut center stone, count yourself as one of the lucky ones.  Most gentlemen on the verge of popping the question have no idea what those perfect C's will be.  Luckily the internet has provided us with an answer to the question "What is the most popular shape and size center stone in an engagement ring?" and the answer is the 2 carat (8mm) round brilliant.  Armed with that information, it's safe to assume that your bride will want a larger center stone, and will most likely prefer a round cut. 

Ring Size:

Finding out her ring size should be pretty simple.  The easiest and most effecting way is borrow one of her existing rings on a day that she's not wearing it, and take it to a local department store to check the size.  A jewelry store will work too, but they tend to use high pressure sales tactics once you're in their store.  Once you've recorded the ring size, just return the ring to it's hiding place before she realizes it's been on an adventure.  If all else fails, you can order our FREE ring sizer by filing out the form below:


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We hope you've enjoyed our ring buying guide and found it to be helpful.  Please share with your friends and loved ones who may be getting ready to shop for some beautiful jewelry.